Simple Podcasting 1.2.1

Just published my first release of Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin as a maintainer.

This is a minor release, you will find release notes on GitHub.

Along to small fixes, this version introduce our new way to end-to-end testing: Cypress. Thanks a lot to Tung Du for implementing this.

Finally, if you want to adjust the default number of episodes included in a podcast RSS feed, there is a new filter simple_podcasting_episodes_per_page for that.


add_filter( 'simple_podcasting_episodes_per_page', 'podcasting_feed_episodes_per_page' );

 * Filter how many items are displayed on the feed
 * Default is 250
 * @param int $qty Items count.
 * @return string
function podcasting_feed_episodes_per_page( $qty ) {
	return 300;

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